drawing challenge 168: FRIDA

FRIDA, with her laces, ribbons, skirts, rustling petticoats and the braids
the moonlike headdresses opening up her face like the wings of a dark butterfly
FRIDA an endearing and, finally, happy figure, in spite of all the suffering
her voice was deep, rebellious, punctuated by belly laughs
words by Carlos Fuentes from the Introduction of the book 'The diary of Frida Kahlo'
third image by Nickolas Muray, 1945, Frida with Chavela Vargas

with this drawing challenge i would like to honour FRIDA
and i wish i was more like her
but i also would like to honour two other woman
first Elisabeth the initiator of this drawing challenge 
which started in january 2011 and who is a fan of FRIDA
and secondly sweet Ariane who kept the dc going and loves flowers ;^))

i used a piece of cotton and an embroidery hoop 
made some pompons and found a nice picture of a young Frida from 1930
which i used as an example for my felt-tip pen drawing 
added braids and flowers and colored them with acryllic paint 
and finally added some embroidery

please visit the blogs of the other participants:

Ariane, Roberto, Tanïa, Lucia, Joanne (hello again!),
Renilde, Nadine, Annton Beate, Veronica,
Rachel (hello again too), Leena, Tammie, Stefanie,
Barbara, Carole and Eric

and thank you all for joining!


drawing challenge: NEW THEME!

i'm in the mood for sun and warmth
am so looking forward to spring and summer
to sun on my skin 
and flowers in the garden
but it is cold and feels more like autumn

so, let's brighten things!

see here the wonderful work of Ellen Heck
a series of 40 woodcut etchings depicting woman and girls
dressed up as Frida Kahlo

hence the theme for dc 168 of May 23-24: FRIDA

how it works:
if you want to join, leave a comment saying you are in
the following weekend the 'drawings' are shown on the blogs of the participants
and the host links to them all


Delft & playing with type

last friday i visited Delft
not unknown for me because my parents have lived there

i unexpectedly came along Grafisch Atelier Indrukwekkend
the friendly young owner and i learned we had the same graphics teacher
my favorite Hans Andringa
my goal that day was Galerie XS
with a size of 8m2, the smallest gallery in Delft
perhaps from the Netherlands, or the world
and i loved it!
the owner, the place, the works, all of it
in the summer she want to put an exhibition with works 
inspired by Delft but different, new, quirky, poetic, dreamy, strange
so now my head spins....

before i went home i bought some 'Delftenaartjes' of chocolaterie De Lelie, hmmmm.....

i am still in the mood of Delft and Delftsblue
playing with type and printing with Prussian Blue ink
it will a set of 4 cards, soon in my webshop!


drawing challenge 167: the trickster

in the summer of 1985 (i was so young  ;^))
i started the education Interior Architecture at the Art Academy
one of the tasks was; 'design and draw compounds'
one had to consist of three seperate elements
that is the one you see, (and the only one i could find)
it was that teacher who called me a trickster
because he liked the drawings initially
and only later discovered that many compounds were impossible

i have not finish that education, after a year i stopped
years later i restarted, then the direction 'free arts'
painting, drawing and etching
and loved it

the theme of this week is chosen by VERONICA
for the links to the other participants, please go here

in de zomer van 1985 (ik was zo jong; ^))
begon ik aan de opleiding Interieurarchitectuur aan de Kunstacademie
een van de opdrachten was; 'ontwerp en teken verbindingen'
één daarvan moest bestaan uit drie afzonderlijke elementen
dat is degene die je hier ziet, (en de enige die ik kon vinden)
het was die leraar die me een bedrieger noemde
omdat hij de tekeningen in eerste instantie goed vond
en pas later ontdekte dat veel verbindingen onmogelijk waren

ik heb de opleiding niet afgemaakt, na een jaar ben ik gestopt
jaren later ben ik opnieuw begonnen, toen de richting 'vrije kunsten'
schilderen, tekenen en etsen
en vond het geweldig